Volume 2 No:1 July 2009

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Technia:An International Journal of Computing and Communication Technology

Volume 2: July 2009

  1. Integrated Wireless Information Technologies for Improving Agriculture Transport Logistics in Thailand
  2. An Experimental Study to Compare ER/EER and OO Models
  3. A Survey on Security issues in Mobile ADHOC networks
  4. Service Oriented Intelligent Agents for E-Learning Systems
  5. Antnet: Modified Routing Algorithm for Packet Switched Networks.
  6. A Preemptive Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks
  7. Performance Comparison of Row, Column, Full Slant Transform and PCA for Face Recognition
  8. Increasing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks by changing active & sleep mode
  9. Secure Data Processing in MNN using S-Boxes and Multiple Keys
  10. Find-k: A New Algorithm for Finding the k in Partitioning Clustering Algorithms
  11. Fully Connected CNN for ECG Recognition on DSP
  12. Fingerprint Classification Based on Maximum Variation in Local Orientation Field
  13. Automatic shoeprint matching system for crime scene investigation
  14. Performance Analysis of Voice Activity Detection Algorithms for Robust Speech Recognition
  15. Ad hoc Mobile Wireless Network Routing Protocols- A Review
  16. Multimodal Biometric for Person Authentication by Fusion
  17. Performance Analysis of Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms for Microstrip Smart Antennas
  18. Shadow CAPTCHA
  19. Comparison of various Feature encoding schemes for Implementation of Secured Biometric Template
  20. Estimation of ECG features using LabVIEW
  21. Sentence Clustering-based Summarization of Multiple Text Documents
  22. Design of Bi-alphabetic Sequences for High Resolution Radar Systems
  23. Iris Recognition system using Principal Components of Texture Characteristics
  24. Design and Performance Analysis of OFDM System
  25. Application of Bayesian Method in Medical Image Segmentation
  26. An Efficient Approach for Shape Representation in Morphology by Combining Chaincode and Line Descriptors
  27. Knowledge Discovery from Bio-medical Data Using a Hybrid PSO/Bayesian Classifier
  28. Applications of Bioinformatics Paleogenetics, Paleoanthropology and Evolutionary Genetics
  29. Multi-attribute and Multi-criteria Decision Making Model for technology selection using fuzzy logic
  30. Effectiveness of Heuristic Rules for Model Selection in Connectionist Models to Predict Milk Yield in Dairy Cattle
  31. Autonomously tuned high Q MOEM Ringresonators for WDM optical network applications
  32. Checkpointing Algorithms for Distributed Systems
  33. Building Software Reuse Library with Efficient Keyword based Search Mechanism
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