Volume 1 Number 1: July 2008

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1. Performance Evaluation of H-TCP, BIC-TCP, CUBIC TCP and FAST TCP Protocols in High Speed Networks

2. PSO/GAs for Knowledge Discovery in Databases: A Research Direction

3. Optimal Codec Design for Mobile Communication System

4. Classical Software Fault Tolerance Schemes by an Object-Oriented Technique

5. Connectionist vis-à-vis Conventional Models for Predictions of Lifetime Milk Production in Karan– Fries Dairy Cattle

6. Challenges in Designing Algorithms for Distributed and Mobile Systems

7. BC V6 Backward Compatibility in IPV6

8. Speech Quality Enhancement with Warped Lpc And MLT_SPIHT Algorithm

9. A Computational Analysis for Feature Extraction of an Image

10. Vertex Normal Based Algorithm for Digital Watermarking of 3D Objects

11. Segmentation Algorithms for Underwater Images – A review

12. Agent Oriented Software Engineering Principles: A relative approach with Object Oriented Paradigms

13. Abstraction of Structural and Behavioral Components from Legacy ‘C’ Program

14. Algorithms for Spatial Knowledge to Identify Epidemic

15. FPL Algorithm for Mining Frequent Itemsets for Knowledge Discovery

16. Ancient Indian Sine Tables

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