Table Average Illusion Halftoning Technique

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Abstract- Halftoning is the technique of representing a wide range of colors by using a relatively small color palette, which is very useful for reproducing images on various display devices or printers as they usually have very low (two for black and white printers) colors in their color palette. Various techniques have been suggested to achieve this in the past. This paper deals with one such hybrid (AM-FM) technique made by combining the best of ‘AVERAGE ILLUSION[1]’ and ‘TABLE HALFTONING’ and is named as ‘TABLE AVERAGE ILLUSION’ (TAIH Technique) 

Keywords- Table Average Illusion, Digital Halftoning, Table Halftoning, Average illusion, Image processing.

Download this file (08-Table Average Illusion Halftoning Technique.pdf)Table Average Illusion Halftoning Technique[By Manish Kashyap, Purvee Kashyap]858 Kb
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