Abstract:-OFC based High Input Impedance First Order and Multifunctional Biquadratic Filter

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Abstract—This paper presents new configurations for realizing high input impedance first order, multifunctional biquadratic filter (MBF) sections and their applications for the realization of fifth order and eighth order filters using cascade approach. The first order high input impedance filter section is realized using single plus type OFC along with two grounded admittances, which gives the realization of low pass and high pass filters. The high input impedance multifunctional biquadratic filter (MBF) is realized using only two plus type low voltage OFCs along with four grounded admittances, which enables easy cascadablity. The MBF gives the realization of second order low pass, high pass and band pass responses with appropriate selection of admittances without any requirement for matching conditions. The multifunctional biquadratic filter (MBF) along with first order filter section is then used for the realization of fifth order filter and the realization of eighth order filter has been obtained by cascading the identical sections of multifunctional biquadratic filter (MBF). The filter has the advantages of low sensitivity, high input impedance, independently tunable gain of the filters, and the use of only grounded passive components. Simulation results show excellent performance at low voltage operation of + 0.75 volts.
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