Abstract:-Ranking Based Resource Selection in Grid Environment

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Abstract—In recent years the development of Internet and Grid technology has led to a remarkable increase in the number of resources to which a user, program, or community may have access. When selecting a resource a user must first consider whether the resource has the required capabilities (e.g. processor architecture, network bandwidth etc.), and second whether it is likely to complete the task successfully. The first case is simple, either a resource has the required capabilities or it does not. Those that do not can be rejected, but the second case become more complex when the number of resources which satisfy user demands is quite large, selecting the best resource to run a specific job remains one of its main problems. When a large number of resources are fulfills the user criteria then problem to choose a right resource is quite similar to choose a right page in information retrieval. So a good ranking mechanism is required to solve the problem of Resource selection. In this paper a ranking mechanism is propose which is based upon certain factors like affordability, Success-rate, Self protection capability, user feedback to solve the problem of resource selection in grid environment.
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