Abstract:-Data Mining and Analysis of COS Markers in Burma Agrimony

Friday, 26 August 2011 10:41 administrator
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Abstract—Conserved ortholog set (COS) markers are important molecular tools for comparative genome analysis among the species in post-genomics era. They are single-copy genes that share a common ancestor among closely related and divergent plant species. In this study, we have identified 163 COS markers from Burma Agrimony by mining information from database of express sequence tags (ESTs). Data mining was done from biological database resource, dbEST of NCBI. This effort will accelerate the development of molecular markers for this lesser-studied plant member of Asteraceae family, having medicinal value. The markers were developed by identifying Burma Agrimony’s ESTs that have single best match in assembled Arabidopsis genome. The identified COS markers were annotated and assigned to functional role categories. The in silico mapping of identified markers was done on Arabidopsis chromosomes.
Download this file (Data Mining and Analysis of COS Markers.pdf)Data Mining and Analysis of COS Markers.pdf[Sarika Sahu, Deepti Gupta, Rekha Dixit School of Biotechnology, Engineering and Information Technology Shobhit University, Meerut, India]566 Kb
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