Abstract:-A Framework for Stability and Security of an Operating System through Process Level

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Abstract—Today, computer systems are plagued with stability and security problems: applications lose data, web servers are hacked, and the systems crash under heavy load. Many of these problems arise from rare program behavior. This paper detects unusual program behavior and responds by slowing down that behavior. When it determines that a process is behaving unusually, it responds by slowing down that process’s system calls. If the anomaly corresponds to a security violation, delays often stop attacks before they can do damage. Delays also give users time to decide whether further actions are warranted. Most computers would like a system to function consistently over time, so that if the computer worked properly when first installed, it would continue to do so in the future. Given that such consistency cannot be guaranteed, it would be nice to know when new circumstances cause a change in system behavior. With this is mind, we thought of a system to provide with an application to deal with the above mentioned problems. The application would not allow dangerous or unauthorized activities to take place, it would detect such activities as they occur, and ideally stop them before systems are compromised.
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